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It seems you wish to read a bit more about what this site is about, great! This site was created as a response to Square Enix's shock announcement of Final Fantasy 14 back in June 2009. The site was originally set up as a news and content source for the lead up to the release of the game, covering all aspects of it's pre-release, including interviews, trailers, beta testing gossip and any information Square Enix decided to send our way. During this time was run predominately by a single staff member.

The site soared in popularity as the game release date approached ever-closer and shortly after release, as users clamoured to find the latest news and reviews of the game. That was a long time ago, and now we have a new revision of the site, Version 2.0 if you will.

The decision to re-develop the entire site, along with a custom content management system, was undertaken a while after the release date as it was judged that the site, in it's current form, could not meet the new needs of the followers of the game.

Gone were the days where interviews and snippets of information about a little-known game were inportant, now our users wanted items, weapons, recipes and guides; all the things they need to be able to play the game as successfully and fulfillingly as they can. We have also increased the social aspect of the site, with users being able to leave comments on all content as well as submit their own additions to the database.

And this is were you meet us now. Version 2.0 is an increasingly popular destination for Final Fantasy 14 information and we are constantly striving to improve it and add more features as we see they are needed, as well as keep you informed of all the updates and maintenance downtime as they happen.

We hope you have enjoyed your visit to so far as that you continue to return.


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