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Final Fantasy 14 - Pre-Release Information - Analysis Of Collage

Analysis of Collage

The collage made for Final Fantasy 14 contains a lot of clues about the races that may be involved in FF14. Below is our analysis of the collage, beginning with a numerical breakdown of the different characters that can be seen:
ff14-collage-analysis Click the image for full version

In this image we can see a total of 14 clear images of races that will be in Final Fantasy 14 and from this we have tried to work out what these races are based on their similarities to FF11. Below you can read our analysis, with the numbering based on the red rectangles in the image above (click the image if you cannot see this from the preview).

  1. A Miqote.
  2. Lalafell.
  3. Elezen
  4. A female Hyur.
  5. A Roegadyn .
  6. A male Hyur
  7. A child Lalafell
  8. An unknown White Mage
  9. A Miqo'te
  10. A female Hume
  11. Unknown, cannot see enough of character.
  12. A Lalafell.
  13. Miqo'te
  14. Elezen

To view the unedited collage, click here

Please note that this is merely our interpretation of the collage and is not factual information. If you feel we have got something wrong feel free to contact us.


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