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Final Fantasy 14 - Beginners Guide To Eorzea

Beginners Guide to Eorzea

Welcome to Final Fantasy's Beginner's Guide to Eorzea. In this section of the site we aim to help to settle into the vast word of Eorzea as quickly as possible in order for you to attain maximum enjoyment of the game.

While the vast lush forests of Gridania or the desert regions of Ul'dah may be rich in detail and graphically very impressive, it can be hard for new gamers to know just what to do when they enter this world for the first time.

Below are links to the various sections within this guide, incorporating the Beginner's Guide on the official Final Fantasy 14 Lodestone website as well as our own hints and tips to make this a comprehensive and informative guide to Final Fantasy 14.

Final Fantasy 14 Character Creation

Final Fantasy 14 Controls

Final Fantasy 14 Terms

Final Fantasy 14 Interface

Final Fantasy 14 Battling

Final Fantasy 14 Questing

Final Fantasy 14 Item Repair


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