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Final Fantasy 14 - Pre-Release Information - Confirmed Details

Confirmed Details

In the short space of time since news of Final Fantasy 14 emerged, there have been various facts and rumours floating around. On this page we aim to provide a definitive run down of all the confirmed details of the game and separate the fact from the fiction.

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  1. Platforms
  2. Setting
  3. Links to Final Fantasy 11
  4. Story Line
  5. Battle System / Gameplay
  6. Character Leveling and Jobs
  7. Weapons
  8. Hidden Meaning in the Logo
  9. In-Game Graphics
  10. Languages
  11. Game Service
  12. Rapture Project
  13. Development Team
  14. Chocobos
  15. Influence
  16. Fate of Final Fantasy 11
  17. Release Date and Beta Testing
  18. Payment Plan
  19. Crystals
  20. Cities in Eorzea


It has been confirmed that Final Fantasy 14 will be released on the Playstation 3 and Windows PC platforms. An XBox 360 version has not been confirmed but talks are taking place between Square Enix and Microsoft

The minimum system requirements for the PC are as follows:

Operating System Windows® XP SP3
Windows® Vista(32-bit / 64-bit)SP2
Windows® 7(32-bit / 64-bit
Intel® Core 2TM Duo (2.0 GHz)
AMD AthlonTM X2 (2.0 GHz)
Windows® XP: 1.5 GB or higher
Windows® Vista / Windows® 7: 2 GB or higher
Installing: 15 GB or more
Downloading: Space on the hard drive where My Documents is located should be 6GB or more
Graphics Card
512MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600 series or higher
512MB ATI RadeonTM HD 2900 Series or higher
Sound Card
DirectSound® compatible sound card (DirectX® 9.0 or higher)
Internet Connection
Broadband Internet connection or higher
Screen Resolution
1280 x 720 or higher; 32-bit
DirectX® 9.0c
Mouse, Keyboard, Gamepad

For more detailed information, visit the dedicated Platform page



The story takes place in a new area known as "Eorzea" and although it does feature some monsters and classes related to Final Fantasy 11, they have been remodelled to be unique to Eorzea. The similarities however, allow Final Fantasy 11 users to be able to create characters that look comparable. New races will also be included in FF14.

Eorzea is a region in the world of Hydaelyn and is a world blessed with high technology. However it will not be solely a science fiction style world seen in some recent Final Fantasies and will return to the roots of the earlier Final Fantasy games.

Eorzea also includes the continent of Aldenard along with it's islands and thus gives it a diverse climate and plant and animal life. Director Komoto states that the game will reflect this diversity and depending on your location the weather and surroundings will be significantly different. The game will also reflect day and night, with one hour in Earth time being equal to one day in Eorzea. Currently will remain the same as Final Fantasy 11, with the residents of Eorzea will continue to use Gil.

The game will be primarily set within Eorzea. This is due to the fact that in the world of Hydaelyn, people have massed migrated to this region to the presence of crystals. Eorzea is known to be a land that has known many wars and features many a barren landscape. Of all the things Eorzea is, hospitable is not one of them. it is the lure of the crystals that solely drive people to live here.

Read more about the crystals here
Read more Eorzea here
See pictures of the new world in our Images section
See the new world in motion in our Trailers section


Links to Final Fantasy 11

As mentioned in Setting players will be able to create characters that are similar to ones found in Final Fantasy 11 as all the classes have been included. This is to add an air of familiarity to the game. However we know that these races will have different names and some cosmetic changes.

It also shares the same development team as Final Fantasy 11 so some similarities may crop up. It has also been revealed that Square Enix are looking into a way to allow players to transfer character names from FF11 to FF14.

There was an initial plan to add a new door to the Mog House that would exit into Eorzea, much like a portal to a new dimension. However, the technical hurdles involved in accomplishing such a feat were too much to overcome.

For more detailed information on races, visit the dedicated Races page


Story Line

Square Enix has confirmed that there will be a story of an epic scale to back up the gameplay of FF14. Rich cut-scenes will also be commonly featured . It is also confirmed that Crystals will be back with a role in the story, though specifically what part they will play is currently unknown. So far we have only been told in detail about the history of Eorzea and not the story of the game itself.

For more detailed information, visit the dedicated Story Line page


Battle System and Gameplay

The FF14 development team have said that, unlike FF11, the heavy emphasis on team play has been scaled down and a more balanced solution, focusing on solo play too, has been found. It presents a significant departure from the FF11 system in that strategic elements have been added to encounters.

This implies that there will be a learning curve, but beginners can expect simpler options to allow them to edge their way into the game. Battles will require a bit more thought. Square Enix have said that they are mainly concentrating on PvE content but will incorporate sports-style events which are tied to PVP. The main motivation is to avoid any PKing or harassment.

For more detailed information, visit the dedicated Battle System page


Character Levelling and Jobs

The developers have attributed the long-term success of FF11 to its job system and plan to expand this significantly in FF14. The aim is to end up with something completely different but yet achieve the same effect of maintaining lasting appeal to the players.

Instead of levelling via experience, weapons will play a key role. The developers promised there will be no more need to grind XP for levels and they have something new in store. At GamesCom it was confirmed that player levels will initially be capped but this cap will be released in "due time" when they release a great content raid.

Jobs will be determined by what weapons/tools the user equips and characters will be able to change classes instantly. This allows characters to have skills that span several jobs, making them very versatile and unique. Tanaka has said that the system in FF14 will be similar to that of Ultima Online and by fighting (or farming!) in a certain class, you'll gain skills and experience for that class.

For more detailed information, visit the dedicated Levelling System and Job System page



Weapons will heavily influence your character development and how they succeed in FF14. Weapons will also have different effects depending on when you choose them, i.e. choosing weapons for specific tasks on different days affects how your character develops. This will form the crux of character levelling in FF14.

The development team have said to look closely at the official logo for hints and hidden meanings.

For high-res images of the logo, visit the Logo Artwork page


Hidden Meanings in the Logo

When Square Enix approached Amano to do the logo art for Final Fantasy 14, they issued him with the following mandate:

"weapons [are] very important and [to] think of the concept of a wheel

This has taken the form of a wheel of adventurers with their weapons in hand but their backs exposed, leaving the adventurer to rely heavily on fellow comrades.

For high-res images of the logo, visit the Logo and Artwork page For theories about the logo, visit the Theories page


In-Game Graphics

The debut trailer for Final Fantasy 14 contained a mixture of pre-rendered CGI and real-time game footage. The development team highlighted the battle scene in particular as an indication of how the game will look visually. As we can see, FF14 looks to be a very graphically impressive game.

See screenshots from the trailers in our Images section
Watch the trailer itself in our Trailers section



As with FF11, FF14 will be released simultaneously in all regions of the world in Japanese, English, French and German.


Game Service

Square Enix has confirmed that PlayOnline will not be used for FF14. This is due to the fact that PlayOnline was originally designed as an all-in-one solution for housing multiple content types, but as FF14 will solely be the game, there is no need to use the PlayOnline service.

Square Enix have revealed that PC and Playstation 3 users will still be able to play with each other and that you will sign in with a universal ID, allowing you to continue your progress on either platform.

Security Tokens (a recent release for FF11) generate a random six digit number upon every login to the PlayOnline service. Without this number it is impossible to login to an account. It has been confirmed that this system will be used to secure Final Fantasy 14 accounts.


Rapture Project

It has been confirmed that Final Fantasy 14 is the Rapture project that Square was rumoured to have been working on in the last four years. This title was abandoned and FF14 was given as they wanted to ensure that customers would have full confidence in the project. By integrating it into the sequential list of titles, it gives the impression that the game is good enough to be considered a 'Final Fantasy' rather than just a spin off. This is similar to the change from Final Fantasy Online to Final Fantasy 11.


Development Team

The development team is as follows:
Producer: Hiromichi Tanaka (Final Fantasy I, II, III, and IX)
Director: Nobuaki Komoto (Final Fantasy IX, XI) Art Direction: Akihiko Yoshida (Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII) Music: Nobuo Uematsu (Most Final Fantasies) Art Work: Yoshitaka Amano

It has been noted that Uematsu is making a full return to past duties and composing the entire score for FF14, as you may remember, he only did minimal work on FF11 (much to the disappointment of fans). The composition will feature multiple styles and genres.

For more detailed information, visit the dedicated Development Team page



Much to everyone's delight, Square Enix confirmed the existence of chocobos in the FF14 world but they also said that their function in the game will be completely different to that of FF11 (where they were used merely as steeds).



Square Enix revealed that current popular MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games have influenced the work and direction of FF14. They named World of Warcraft, Age of Conan and Warhammer Online as examples of these but stated that the main source of input has come from the FFXI community.


Fate of Final Fantasy 11

Concerns have been raised over the fate of FF11 but it has been confirmed that Vana'diel will continue to exist well after the release of FF14 and updates will continue to be released as long as there is consumer demand for them.

Further proof of Square Enix's intention to keep FF11 running can be seen in an interview with Tanaka and Komoto. They say that they realise playing both XI and XIV could take up way too much time for the average player and thus FF14 is designed to allow for less intense play, which is good news for existing FF11 players and more casual gamers.


Release Date

The game is set to come out on the 30th September 2010, with a collectors edition coming out on the 22nd of the same month. For Playstation 3 users, the wait till continue until March 2011

For more detailed information, visit the dedicated Beta Testing and Release Date pages


Payment Plan

The payment plan is as follows: Subscription Fees: £8.99/30 days (UK), $12.99/30 days (NA), €12.99 (EU)

For more detailed information, including character costs, visit the Game Information page



Crystals exist solely in Eorzea and is the reason that the people of Hydaelyn have mass immigrated to this region. It has been revealed that crystals facilitate teleportation and is accomplished using Aetheryte. These are crystalline constructs shaped from solidified aetheric mist and is located within each city-state. This allows players to teleport to various destinations throughout Eorzea.

This will be welcome to Final Fantasy 11 players who have often said that travelling time between events can be frustrating. However the developers have added that excessive teleportation can have a detrimental effect on your characters.


Cities in Eorzea

Eorzea will contain four main city-states all of which will have their own independent story as well as contributing to the overall story-arc. Players will firstly be required to select a state to call home and their characters can further be classified within each state.

For more detailed information, visit the Eorzea page


Sources: The Final Fantasy


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