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Database Guide

The second revision of this website now sports a extensive database of Final Fantasy 14 Items, Weapons, Tools and more. Of which the links can be found in the menu to the right. This page is a short guide on how to use the database and even submit your own content.

  1. Commenting
  2. Using the Filters
  3. Adding your own entries


Commenting can only be done on Armour, Items, Tools, Weapons and Recipes. The form for commenting can be found below the specific item pages, as looks as follows:


Using the Filters

The filters allow you to narrow your search using user-specified parameters. These are different depending on what section you are viewing and exist for all types of database entries. One especially useful role the filters play is to allow you to search for Recipes by ingredient.


Adding your own entries

Adding your own entries to the database couldn't be easier. Simply click on the link, as depicted in the image below, and a form will open up which will allow you to fill in the information for a missing item and submit it. Of course all entries will need to be approved by a member of staff but you should see your entry on the website in a matter of hours.



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