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Final Fantasy 14 Battling

You will find yourself battling a lot if you have sensibly chosen a Discipline or War or Magic as one of the Classes you wish to peruse. Bearing that in mind we have put together this run through of some aspects you will need to know about encountering enemies.

  1. Enemy Difficulty
  2. Entering Combat
  3. Fleeing a Battle

Enemy Difficulty

If you look at the image above, you will notice a blue coloured orb next to the enemy's name. This orb determines the level of difficulty that the enemy represents. What each colour means to you is listed below.

  • Blue - Very Easy
  • Green - Easy
  • Yellow - Evenly Matched
  • Orange - Hard
  • Red - Very Hard

At the beginning it is highly recommended to engage Blue or Green mobs only. Also, a lot of Orange or Red mobs are aggressive and will attack you unprovoked (The Lone Wolves near Camp Emerald Moss come to mind..) so make sure you give them a side berth.


Entering Combat

To enter combat, it is simply a matter of targeting the enemy (I recommend doing this first from a distance) and then approaching it and using an ability when you are close enough. When you use your ability, you will automatically enter Active Mode.

When you kill a monster, the game will (annoyingly) not auto-target the next closest enemy, so you will have to do this manually either by hitting Tab or clicking on the enemy in question. Also when you kill an enemy, you do not have to loot it's corpse, the items are automatically added into your inventory.


Fleeing a Battle

When you want to leave a fight, if you are being overwhelmed, press F to enter Passive Mode and start running. The mob will give chase for a while, and will still be able to use ranged attacks on you whilst doing so. If you enter critical health you will automatically re-enter Passive Mode which stops you running away so make sure you have healed yourself to a reasonable degree.


For more of an overview of battling in Final Fantasy 14, please visit our Battle System page


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