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Final Fantasy 14 Interface

The user interface of Final Fantasy will provide you with everything you need to play the game, however, what seems to be lacking is a comprehensive guide that tells you about what each option does. This is why we created this page, which will hopefully guide you through some of the less-obvious options as well as providing a summary of the more intuitive ones.

  1. Menu
  2. Action Bar
  3. Chat/Notifications
  4. Linkshells


The Menu holds all the options you need to adjust your character, social aspects of the game, quest journal and more. It is basically the central hub for all your needs and thus it is important you know what everything does. Hopefully the table below will help! There are two portions to the menu, the main menu and the interaction menu.

  1. Main Menu
  2. Interaction Menu

Main Menu

Below is a list of the options contained within the main menu and their related functions.

Option Description
Attributes Displays your character's information and statistics
Gear Equip new gear to your character
Actions and Traits Assign abilities to your character's action bar. Be sure to note the available action points you havel
Point Allotment Assign points to your physical and elemental attributes here each time you gain a physical level. You are also reassign points here, however you can only do a few points every 45 minutes.
Inventory Displays all the items currently stored on your character. Your character begins with 100 item slots
Journal View a list of all current leves you have accepted as well as story-line quset details.
Party Search for a party here, as well as make your own.
Social Lists Manage your friend list and blacklist settings. You can currently add 200 users to your friends list.
Linkshell From here you can perform several tasks such as viewing a list of active members, view/remove the linkshells you belong to. If you are a leader or master you may invite players, assign linkshell master or leader privilages. You can only speak in one linkshell at a time.
Retainer List Displays the location of your retainer.
Map Opens the Map menu, which allows you to see your location as well as surrounding points of interest.
NPC Linkpearls Recieve linkpearl messages from NPCs during quests to inform you of your next task.
Teleport Allows instantaneous travel to any aetheryte you have previously visited. Teleporting within a region costs 2 anima and outside of a region costs 3 anima.
Return Return back to the last visited aetheryte. This does not consume anima if you are KO'ed
Support Desk View the Support Desk window
Configuration Allows you to adjust audio, video settings as well as keyboard mappings and macros.
Log Out Logs you out of the game after confirmation.

Interaction Menu

Sometimes icons will appear in the upper part of the screen allowing you to access different commands which are listed above the main menu. The list below depict when these icons will appear.

  Appears Menu Option Result
Near an aetheryte - Aetheryte - Recover HP and MP
- Select or initiate a levequest
- Instantly travel to a favored aetherial gate
- Receive your Guardian’s Aspect
- View Adventurers’ Guild information
- View the Call of Adventure for tips
Near an aetherial gate - Aetherial Gate - Recover HP and MP
- Select or initiate a levequest
- Instantly travel to the associated aetheryte
- Receive your Guardian’s Aspect
- View Adventurers’ Guild information
Near an aetherial node - Aetherial Node - Instantly travel to the aetheryte from which a levequest was initiated
- Receive a levequest reward
Near a door - Door - Opens the door
Near a Crow's List - Crow's Lift - Use the Crow's Lift
Near a summoning bell - Summon Retainer - Call forth a retainer
Near a gathering point - Mine or Quarry
- Log or Harvest
- Fish or Spearfish
- Begin mining or quarrying
- Begin logging or harvesting
- Begin fishing or spearfishing
- Recieved loot after battle - Loot - View the Loot List window
Targetting a PC - Invite
- Trade
- Browse
- Check
- Invite to join party
- Offer to exchange items or gil
- Examine the target's bazaar
- Examine the target's gear
Invited to a party - Party Invite - Respond to Invite
During a tutorial or quest - Help etc. - Execute various actions.


Action Bar


This is where you will find your abilities which you will no doubt want to use in battle or other activities. Each slot corresponds to the 1-9 keys on your keyboard (not the numpad) and you have a total of three pages on which to add abilities to. Remember that the number of Action Points you have determine how many abilities you can equip at any one time.

Managing Abilities

Firstly ensure that you are in passive mode and then select the Action and Traits main-menu option. Here you can select abilities from the menu on the left (choosing the appropriate class first) and add them to your action bar on the right. Make sure your cursor is pointing to an empty square before you try this (it doesn't default to one and caused me much frustration when I first started playing).

To swap an ability with another, point the cursor at an existing ability and the newly selected one will replace it. Note that you cannot replace the initial abilities (i.e. for a Gladiator you cannot replace Quick Slash).


Macros are an important feature in Final Fantasy 14 and allow you to streamline many tedious and laborious actions into one command. A very useful example of this is to change class and equip new abilities to your character. This may look something like the following:
/equip main "Weathered Sword"
/eaction2 "Red Lotus"
/eaction3 "Sentinal"
If you are setting up macros like this remember that everything is case sensitive and to always equip the primary weapon first before anything else.



The Chat and Notification area keeps you up to date with all the goings on of your surroundings as well as party chat, linkshell chat and much more. However, it can get overwhelmed with information and it is sometimes not clear how to use certain features.


In the configuration menu you are able to set what the chat window shows in the first and second windows. Use this option to filter our the things you don't want to see to keep it more relevant to your needs.


There are a few commands that you can use to greatly ease the frustrating that may garner when using the chat window, here are some of the ones I use most.
/chatmode l - chats are contained within linkshell only

/chatmode p - chats are only with party members

/chatmode t - sets chat to tell mode with the person you are currently conversing with

/Ctrl + R - Quick-reply to the last person who sent you a tell. It auto-writes their name for you in the chat window.



To join a linkshell, you must be in the presence of a leader/master in order to obtain a link pearl. When a linkpearl is handed out to you, enter the Menu and select Linkshell Invite from the interactive menu. You will now have joined the Linkshell. You are allowed to join up to 8 Linkshells.

Keep in mind that you can only talk in one Linkshell at a time, and which one depends on which linkpearl is equipped. To change which Linkpearl is equipped, go to the Linkshell option in the main menu and select Linkshell again, from here just choose which one you want to talk in.



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