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Final Fantasy 14 Item Repair

Item wear can come as a surprise to users, who do not know that this feature even exists, but it does. And after wearing items through enough activities and battles wear kicks in, meaning that your items will offer reduced performance until they are repaired. When you item wears down, you will see an icon on the top of your screen informing you are suffering from item wear. Ignore this and a red version of the icon will appear informing you that you are suffering from heavy item wear.

Items cannot be repaired to full pristine condition, but only somewhere in the upper quarter of new condition. You can repair your own items, but this costs items and also has the chance of a botched synthesis. The recommended way to repair your item is to visit the repair NPC, of which there is one in each city-state.

  • Gridania - Meara, located in the Ebony Stalls
  • Limsa Lominsa - Braitgonieux, found in West Hawkers' Alley
  • Ul'Dah - Gogorano, located just qest of the Chocobo Stables


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