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Final Fantasy 14 Questing

  1. Main Quests
  2. Guildleves
  3. Behests

Main Quests

When you choose your starting city, you will be able to follow the main quests for that city (and only that city). Upon first entering the Adventurers' Guild, you will be greeted by the patron of the Guild who will send you on a quest, this is the beginning of the main quest. Whilst you are free to ignore these and persue leves, the main quests contain the storyline of Final Fantasy 14 and thus allows you to take a break from the grind of leve questing, whilst obtaining some very good rewards.



Visit our Guildleves page for a fulloverview of the Leve system

A tip for using Guildleves is to join a party whilst doing them, in this way you get to a lot more than the maximum of 8 Battle/Fieldcraft leves (though the experience is shared out). A party also allows you to do the leves at a higher difficulty and thus obtain better rewards. Top


Behests are quests to eliminate monsters, they proceed in a similar fashion to Guildleves but require you talk to a special Battlewarden NPC to join a behest. These NPCs are most often around level 1, 10 and 20 camps and only spawn on the hour, every hour

Every member in your party must speak to the Battlewarden in order to join the behest (unlike Guildleves). You also must be all in the appropriate level range for that behest (so not above or below).

From then on, the behest will proceed like a Guildleve in which you have to defeat the designated enemy. The Battlewarden will accompany you but not participate in the battle. Top


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