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Game Information


Platforms: PLAYSTATION 3, Windows

Genre: Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

Release Date:
PC Normal Edition: 30th September 2010
PC Collectors Edition: 22nd September 2010

Languages: English, French German, Japanese

Unit Price: SE: $49.99/24.99 / CE: $74.99/44.99

Subscription Fees: 8.99/30 days (UK), $12.99/30 days (NA), 12.99/30 days (EU)

ESRB Rating: Teen / Age 12 and up.

All new FINAL FANTASY XIV game packages come with a 30 days free trial period. Players will receive a discount to their initial service fees in the form of a complimentary all-access pass to the new realm of Eorzea. Following this trial period, the money subscription fee will be 12.99 (UK 8.99). Each additional character will be 3.00 (UK 2.10) per month with a maximum of eight characters per account. For each account, one retainer (a non-playable character that will maintain item sales within the game as well as provide item storage while the user ins logged out of the game) will be free of charge with each additional retainer being 1.00 (UK 0.70).

Please see our System Requirements page for specific machine requirements


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