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For a comprehensive list and guides to all the leves in Final Fantasy 14, please visit our Final Fantasy 14 Leves database.


The main ethos of Final Fantasy 14 is to allow users freedom and diversity in their play. This is reflected in the Armoury Job System where players can change classes on the fly and is furthered with Guildleves.

Guildleves is the main questing system of FF14 and can be seen as similar to the Moblin Maze Monger event in Final Fantasy 11. It allows players to choose and customise their own quests. Players can visit a guild and pick from numerous available jobs that are available.

Guildleves themselves are small rectangular plates made of stained crystal set in a frame of precious metal. Each Guildleve depicts a deed of one of Eorzea's patron saints (or 'guardians'). When issuing a quest, guilds will issue one of these plates to the adventurer, granting the user 'leave' to take whatever steps needed to complete the quest (this includes entry to restricted areas, confiscating goods or negotiations with enemies of the state). Guildleves also allow unrestricted use of the aetheryte teleportation portals. The quests available to the user depend on their skill level and users must then pick one that best suits their needs. Guildleves also tell you time limit, and reward.

When you select a leve to participate in, your HP and MP recovers and a time limit is displayed on the screen.

Users may also enlist on comrades to complete a task with them, this allows multiple people to undertake a quest together. Players within a party can also use different leves and help each other to complete various quests. Only one leve is required take advantage of the benefits provided to its barer.

Where to get them

Eorzea has six NPCs that will grant you Guildleves: Three of these are for regional quests and three for local quests. Regional consist of Battlecraft, Fieldcraft, Faction and Tutorial Leves. Local Levequests are crafting quests for each of the crafting classes.

Regional Guildleve NPCs

Piralnaut in Limsa Lominsa Totonawa in Ul'dah Gontrant in Gridania

Local Levequest NPCs

T'mokkri in Limsa Lominsa Eustace in Ul'dah Tierney in Gridania


At this moment players can have a maximum of open or finished Leves per 48 hours. After 48 hours pass, you will need to exchanged the finished Levels for others. You will be able to exchange the old ones for new ones when your Guildleve NPC has more to give you. After selecting a new one the game will prompt you to select an one one you wish you trade in, of which you can pick up to 4. Leves that you are allowed to turn in will be marked with an star. If they have a '1' next to the star, they will be give you a 10% bonus to the reward amount for the new level; a '0' denotes no such bonus. This bonus does not stack up, if a new leve rewards you 1000 gil and you exchange 2 qualifying leves, you will get 1200 gill as a reward.

Guildleve Process

Below are the general steps you'll need to follow throughout the process of using a leve.
  1. Speak to the guildleve NPC
  2. Select a guildleve for the camp that matches your level
  3. Travel to the camp
  4. At the Aetheryte, choose \"Initiate Levequest\" and pick the leve you wish to complete
  5. Confirm the Levequest
  6. Select the difficulty
  7. Follow the arrows on the map to find the target location
  8. Complete the quest at the target
  9. Teleport back to the camp using the Aetheryte to obtain rewards and bonuses


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