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Final Fantasy 14 - Interviews


Below is a collection of all the interviews that have taken place to date regarding Final Fantasy 14. These interviews offer a great insight into where the developers are taking the game and formed much of the basis for initial knowledge and speculation about the game. The interviews are listed with the most recent first.

FFXIVCore Exclusive Naoki Yoshida Interview

Dengeki Interview Hiromichi Tanaka

Komoto Regarding the Future

FFXIVCores PAX 2010 Interview with Sage Sundi

FFXIVCores Follow Up Questions With Hiromichi Tanaka

GAME Watch Interview with Komoto and Tanaka

A Talk With Robert Peeler

Dengeki Interview Tanaka and Kawamoto

Short Interview with Tanaka from Famitsu

Playstation Blog interview with Tanaka and Sundi

One Last Continue talk to Tanaka and Sundi

4Gamer interview with Tanaka and Sundi

Famitsu Interview Sage Sundi

Famitsu Interview Hiromichi Tanaka

FFXIVCore talk to Hiromichi Tanaka

JeuxOnline interview with Tanaka and Sundi

Dengeki Speaks With Tanaka and Komoto

Connect!On Speak with Tanaka and Komoto

E3 2009 Question and Answer


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