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Final Fantasy 14 - Interviews - Connect!On Speak With Tanaka And Komoto

Connect!On Speak with Tanaka and Komoto

9th July 2009

The Japanese Connect!On magazine has this week featured questions answered by Hiromichi Tanaka and Nobuaki Koumoto, Producer and Director of Final Fantasy 14 respectively. The content given was mainly a refresh of the material we already have on this website, however there was also some new information revealed by the special FFXIV feature by Connect!On, and more focus on things that may otherwise have been overlooked. Similarly to our featured Dengeki interview, the information gathered here seems to have been gathered from this month's E3, but still makes an interesting read.

Final Fantasy 14 World

At the beginning of the E3 trailer, we are shown rolling stretches of land filled with vast greenery and waterfalls and is introduced to us as Eorzea. Connect!On tells us that there will be more meaning to this name rather than a label for a single region of land. Also as you probably already know from our Confirmed Details page, the name of the entire world will be バイデリン (ha-i-de-ri-n).

It was also revealed that the correct pronunciation of Eorzea is エオルゼア (e-o-ru-ze-a), which has evoked some reactions amongst Japanese media. Game reviewer "Hamamura Tsuushin" came up with his own theory, commenting that it sounds like something that would come out of 高知県 (Kou-chi ken) the Kouchi Prefecture of Japan, where people speak in 土佐弁 (to-sa ben) Tosa dialect. This is because words in Tosa dialect often contain "ze" and "ya" and the speech pattern is also influenced by 関西弁 (kan-sai ben) Kansai dialect, which is well-known for being amusingly jumbled and rowdy.

Koumoto stressed that the world will have a different feel compared to Vana'diel, one mixing high-tech wizardry and more primitive aspects.

The E3 Presentation

Tanaka revealed that one of the reasons FFXIV was revealed at E3 was to highlight their intention to release the game simultaneously in numerous regions across the globe. E3 was the perfect arena in which to do this as it had the presence of a lot of foreign media. This should be a boost to North American or European players.

The E3 Trailer

The E3 trailer contained a mix of in-game footage as well as pre-rendered CGI. The scenece with a Mithra-looking mage casting a magical barrier and the tail-less Galka wielding a great axe could very possibly reflect the level of quality we can expect during actual gameplay.

Koumoto also mentioned that the Chocobo caused more of an uproar than he had anticipated. He put this down to the fact that Chocobos are now a symbol of a Final Fantasy game and without them, a new game would not seem a fully fitting member of the main series.


As we know, existing races from Final Fantasy 11 feature in FF14 in order to entice existing players to play this new game and to make them feel comfortable transferring over. However we now know that these races, whilst looking similar will be given new names and will have some cosmetic changes. When pressed on the number of races planned, Koumoto has been hesitant to say if anything is decided.

Battle System

The battle system in FF14, as we know, will involve more thinking and strategy than FFXI. Instead of the old FF11 system where it was more about timing and being quick, FF14 takes a new more thought intensive approach whilst also providing a suitable learning curve for new comers.

Back to the E3 Trailer, questions were raised whether some of the scenes hinted at a party vs party (PvP) style battle system. Koumoto revealed that limiting the game to simply attacking enemies (PvE) would lack variety, implying that PvP would be featured, and also stated that the team were looking to large-scale battles too. However the team are not going to allow unrestrained duelling and player killing (PKing) and they are maintaining the same stance against this as they did with FF11.

Game Play

FF14 is a game that does not require players to 'grind' out various actions in order to see a improvement in their character. Koumoto referenced to FF11, stating that it relies too heavily on having to defeat enemies repeatedly in order to advance, whereas FF14 will steer away from this form of levelling system. Tanaka stated that traditional experience points and level system will not be used this time but was unwilling to comment further.

The game play in FF14 will allow the user to capably play solo as well as adventuring in a party. It aims to meet the needs of the gamer and allows them to play however they want and still have an enjoyable experience.

As for the job system, Koumoto expressed interest in taking aspects of FF11's flexible system but expanding it greatly to a point where we have something that is worlds apart from FF11.

As we've heard, weapons is the word of the moment and will be the driving force of the game.

To Final Fantasy 11 Players

Tanaka has said numerous times that Vana'diel will live on for years and he reaffirmed that with Connect!On. There is a team dedicated to working solely on FF11 and the development or release of FF14 should in no way disrupt or slow them down. As we also know, FF14 is designed in such a way that it allows gamers to play in both FF11 and FF14 worlds whilst still having a engaging experience as it will not demand too much time to progress.


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