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Final Fantasy 14 - Eorzea


The region of Eorzea is part of the world of Hydaelyn. It includes the continent of Aldenard (with it's neighbouring islands) and contains a vast array of life and weather patterns. The user is able to fully experience this diversity during the game due to the detailed and realistic depictions of unique weather patterns, plant and animal life and transitions between day and night. One Eorzean day will be equal to one hour in Earth time, allowing you to experience both sides of the world without having to stay up till the early hours of the morning! The currency within Eorzea remains consistent with that of Final Fantasy 11 with gill being used.

The game is played out within Eorzea, more specifically within the three main city-states of Eorzea (more on these below). The world of Hydaelyn is unbalanced, with the majority of the population living in Eorzea. This is due to the presence of crystals in this region of the world. One use of these crystals is to facilitate transportation, which is accomplished using Aetheryte. This are crystalline constructs shaped from solidified aetheric mist and are located within each city-state. They allow the player to teleport to various destinations through the world (improving upon Final Fantasy 11's travelling time between events). However, there are limitation imposed, as the developers have indicated that excessive teleportation can have harmful effects on your character. This comes in the shape of Anima, of which you have 100 of. Teleportation uses up Anima, with 2 Anima to teleport within a region and 3 being used to teleport to other city-states. However you can pick 3 'favourite' locations, which will then cost half Anima to travel to. However Aetheryte plazas in city-states cannot be registered as a Favoured Destination.

Eorzea itself is in most part not comfortably hospitable. It has known many wars as in the past the city-states once vied to be the dominant state. It features barren land leading to uncharted territory, lands where monstrosities stalk the plains. It's history is stained with blood and death mongers were once left unchecked to roam the lands, leaving only destruction in their wake. However the crystals drive people to risk it all in order to travel here and spend their rest of their lives in this land.

Players are required to choose one of the three city-states as their 'home'. Within these states there are also be organisations in which players can further classify themselves. Once a city-state is picked as a home state, this cannot be changed and the player will only be able to follow the story-line quests for their home state.

Here are the three main city-states of Eorzea:

Uldah - The Desert City

A city "rich with mineral wealth," surrounded by massive walls and a desert spanning into the distance. A wall protects it from the harsh environment that surrounds it. It is said they must have high technology to have such an established wall.

Gridania - City of the Ancient Wood

Enclosed by dense forest, Gridania is a city that appears to hold many secrets. They do not look like they have developed technology however there might be some sort of magic at play combined with the power of nature. The thick forest acts as it's protection.

Limsa Lominsa - Bustling Port City

An expansive city on the sea, blessed with the divine protection of the Goddess Llymlaen. It is located above the inland sea, Rhotano and is known for beautiful scenery. Fishing and shipbuilding are its main industry and the Burracuda knight squad protects its safety.

For images of these city-states, please visit our Final Fantasy 14 Gallery.


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