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Final Fantasy 14 - Interviews - JeuxOnline Interview With Tanaka And Sundi

JeuxOnline interview with Tanaka and Sundi

20th August 2009

Today was a busy day for reporters JeuxOnLine to GamesCom Cologne. Having had the opportunity to be among the first to test the alpha version presented at the booth of Square Enix public, they would have the opportunity to attend an interview with some of the operations team of the game .

After a fantastic ride worthy of the fastest local Valkyries that we managed to achieve with the five minutes required to advance the Square Enix booth at the Business Center. White everywhere, the names on each door that are all more than dream about door neighbor: Final Fantasy XIII, Dissidia, My Life as a Darklord, but Final Fantasy XIV, the main object of our curiosity today.

The hosts welcome us with plenty of proposals varied (no, not indecent, perverse band) pretzels and drinks, making us wait until the last interview ends. The rigor of the editor is legendary, it was clearly demonstrated once again on this occasion: one minute after the scheduled time, all the journalists present had bent poles and tripods to clear up at the next session.

Because yes, there were sessions. Only with the team at Square Enix in the lounge where the presentation took place, we fantasies to the idea of having, why not, the opportunity to meet with face to face, but it was not the case, because we were quickly joined by a large handful of journalists from different backgrounds and different media (press, web TV, photography) ...

So in this patchwork team that we have somehow tried to ask some of your questions to Mr. Hiromichi Tanaka, producer of the game, and Mr. Sage Sundi, producer in charge of the division line thanks to the translation provided by Saori Vivien Hill, manager of community.

Most journalists want to know more about the origins of the project on the relationship between Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV and on the gaming experience that this new film would bring to the player.

Both speakers were keen to stress the need to really consider this new episode as the result of almost eight years of work and experience about Final Fantasy XI, which, if served as a working basis, will ultimately delivered a completely different album in its history as in its Thursday mechanisms proposed by experience Final Fantasy XIV is much more immersive for the player: the main frame of the game is announced as even more epic than its predecessor, with elements such as voice recorded for most of the NPCs in the world Eorza to make more interactive quests and trade. The game has been thought, according to Mr. Tanaka, to cover a much wider audience than Final Fantasy XI, an audience as many neophytes as aficionados of the series.

Some of our present, specializing in console gaming lounge, then wanted to talk about the choice of media announced to date for Final Fantasy XIV.

Over the issues, both recalled that if the game had been announced as exclusive to the Playstation 3 in the living room consoles, negotiations were still ongoing with Microsoft to see the game on XBOX 360 adapted. When asked to justify this choice, we said that the PS3 and PC environments are actually very close and that the Xbox Live console to Microsoft is the element that would be problematic at present. In reflection, we can legitimately ask whether this problem would not be for example related to the fact that the purchases on the Playstation Network to be paid exclusively in the realm expèces and tripping when Microsoft until a few days ago proposed purchases almost exclusively via Microsoft Points purchased primarily on the site of the operator.

Faced with the concerns of players on the console to ease the grip of the game with a pad (the alpha version is playable on PC), the tone is reassuring: this game is obviously provided for console but also for PC and will be especially designed to offer a more intuitive handling of.

Address the choice of partners and platforms has allowed us to initiate the discussion on the choices and the current position of Square Enix in relation to the production of MMORPG and its competition. When you have the opportunity to do interviews in groups as diverse as that in which we were, you have every chance of hitting a person who is not specialized in the MMORPG that will eventually ask a question now traditional and World of Warcraft in? In big smile displayed by both players, it was clear that this was not the first time we asked them and they were prepared to say WoW is certainly the biggest players on MMORPGs PC and is a fierce competitor, but until proven otherwise, Final Fantasy XI is and will remain some time on the main console and MMORPG is the way to a heavyweight.

When we relaunch this hegemony salon, trying to figure out what could explain the lack of success and the rarity of their competitors, we said that development costs are very different and much higher in the context of a game multi-platform and that the studios that can cope with these expenses are not very numerous. The move from PC to console is a highly expensive if the goal is an adaptation as faithful as possible to the minutes of the PC version and the publisher must have good financial resources to cope with managing multiple development teams or fitness for a single Thursday

Both speak to finance, another journalist with reviving an issue that may seem the most unexpected but has been important to consider at length the two interlocutors: Will we one day next online Final Fantasy style games currently available free with an online store for example? The final answer was that it was obviously an option but at present it did not coincide with the goals for the Final Fantasy Online. Indeed, the public current F2P they are too different from the usual public license and may have a negative impact on the game more, the idea to provide a free client on the Internet seemed more daunting otherwise: is it related to the fact that a numerical balance in units sold is more rewarding and a representative number of downloads? We do not know ...

But we could also ask questions about what might interest you most, you, readers of JeuxOnLine. We had asked you what area you puzzled most and you replied majority system evolution.

We landed at one of our tours to speak the question that burns the lips of everyone: how to walk but the Armory System? Unfortunately, as you might expect, as Mr. Tanaka Mr. Sundi have kicked into touch on this question by saying he could not reveal more at the moment: the only thing we agreed to tell us is that we could change jobs at will between the fighting in changing equipment.

But tough, we have not released the song and tried to learn a little more about how the game The game will be based on a main quest very difficult accompanying quests obtained through "Guildleves which enable everyone to find the pleasure that research, whether on a Thursday session of short (less than fifteen minutes) or much longer. We thus confirm that the game will be much more oriented towards the casual players that could not be Final Fantasy XI, being much more flexible. It is no longer questions of power of the character: everything is a matter of competence and an avatar will be together, whether played by an experienced player or a beginner, according to the skills he can bring to his group. Square offers the possibility of abolishing the barrier that separates the largest ships of more casual players.

Traumatized by the echoes that we had some challenges (such as Pandemonium, for example) proposed by Final Fantasy XI, we sought to learn more about balancing monsters for Final Fantasy XIV: there will always be monsters providing intense fighting at all adventurers who face but for all levels of mastery of the characters, from lowest to highest. But again, it will take a little longer to learn more.

Seeing that the content of the game it might not be unveiled, we chose to address another aspect that concerns us directly: that communities and their management. All questions that were asked by our équpe, which has somewhat monopolized the late trade to satisfy your thirst for information.

As noted in the article about the alpha version, it was more surprised by a company such as Square Enix, usually known for its cult of secrecy, to unveil a version of the game too early, especially an event on the importance of GamesCom. We have therefore asked whether this was a new direction of communication from the editor: we were told it was in fact a choice of the team, wanted, unlike the strategy for Final Fantasy XI, receive and react to player feedback from the early stages of final development. A decision that no player will not regret, we can be sure.

Always about identity, then we wanted to know what elements are available for players to enjoy the first M in MMO game that wanted a little more oriented casual games. We announced an overhaul of the system Linkshell, which will be a little further to create groups and the provision of online tools to help players by centralizing information about the social aspect of the life of FF XIV.

One of the important areas of community management by Square Enix and an important element in the section dedicated to JeuxOnLine Final Fantasy XIV is the status of a partner site of Square Enix, the famed Premier Website for Final Fantasy XI. It is with pleasure that we can tell you that this system should be extended for this opus, but in a form different from that you could know until now. Nothing is yet done, they begin to think about the statutes of these sites: the road is still long for our section, but we can assure you that we will do everything to get this status.

Status of one of the first attributes could be to host a calendar of events organized by the operators of community and / or the community itself! Indeed, this has emerged as one of the first real news community Having long tried to put in place for Final Fantasy XI, in vain, it seems to be a real goal for their teams this time. Reste à savoir si ce projet n'en restera pas un cette fois-ci. Remains whether this project will not do this time.

But time passes at a crazy speed, when the exchange is exciting and the half hour we were given to us like a flame of a match: deep, intense, but very fleeting. We went out this interview with a taste of unfinished disappointed not to have got more information, or in any case, more crispy or stunning revelations. But it was already a great mark of recognition of the work done by teams of FF XI and FFXIV so far as to give us this interview, what we intend to continue to satisfy you the best!

Translated from French using Google Translator - sorry for the awkward grammar in places] Original Article


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