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Final Fantasy 14 - Levelling System

Levelling System

Final Fantasy 14 does not strictly use a traditional levelling system. The developers decided to take a different path, differentiating it from the previous Final Fantasy games. This was done to remove some of the “grind” factor from other games, where hours were being spent performing certain actions in order to attain high player stats. However, one can argue that this factor still exists in the game.

Weaponry is a crucial factor in FF14 and it is this that influences how your character develops. As we know, equipping a certain weapon/item changes your class, and when you perform activities in this class (fighting as a Gladiator or mining as a Miner etc) you gain skills and experience in the class you are in. This means that you can become a very high level character (such as a farmer) without ever having to fight. Thus each discipline has a different means of leveling.

There is currently an initial level cap of Rank 50 per class. This will be removed in what Square Enix term “due course” and will release great raid content at this time too.


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