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Final Fantasy 14 - Leves - A Mother's Cutlery

A Mother's Cutlery

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A Mother's Cutlery

Carline Canpoy Proprietress, Mother Miounne

After years of faithful service, the kitchen knife used by Mother Miounne, proprietress of the Carline Canopy, has snapped in two. As a gesture of kindness to her good friend Miounne, Camp Bentbranch Gatewarden and loyal Canopy patron Manine has agreed to provide the materials to make her new knives. Now, Miounne only needs you to make them. Speak with Manine to receive the materials, and upon completion, present the gatewarden with the utensils for inspection.

Objectives and Rewards

Create and deliver the following items:
1Bronze Culinary Knife x2Copper Ore x6
1Bronze Culinary Knife x3Tin Ore x6
1Bronze Culinary Knife x4Limonite x6
1Bronze Culinary Knife x5Iron Ore x6

Issuing Authority

Gridania Adventurers' Guild

Recommended Classes

Blacksmith, Rank 1

Levequest Location

Camp Bentbranch

Deliver To



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