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Final Fantasy 14 - Leves - Arboreal Alchemy

Arboreal Alchemy

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Arboreal Alchemy

Black Rabbit Traders Conscriptor, T'bilne Una

Trees all round Nine Ivies are dying due to an infestation of burrowing moths. After secreting an acidic substance onto the bark that burns away a tiny hole to the wood inside, the vilekin then lays its eggs. Upon hatching, the larvae dine on the tree's sap, slowly draining it of its lifeblood. To keep the trees alive, the Holtwatch stationed at the area's camp have begun watering the trees with an alchemically concocted growth formula, but the damage is far more widespread than they first believed, and their supply of the formula has begun to dwindle. Black Rabbit Traders is currently seeking those with talents in the art of alchemy to craft and deliver a fresh batch of the requested formula to the Camp Nine Ivies quartermaster before the whole forest is destroyed.

Objectives and Rewards

Create and deliver the following items:
15Growth Formula Beta x3Minium x12
15Growth Formula Beta x4Silex x12
25Growth Formula Gamma x5Yellow Ginseng x12
5Growth Formula Alpha x2Latex x4

Issuing Authority

Gridania Adventurers' Guild

Recommended Classes

Alchemist, Rank 15

Levequest Location

Camp Nine Ivies

Deliver To



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