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Final Fantasy 14 - Leves - Chalking It Up

Chalking It Up

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Chalking It Up

Oak Atrium Woodcarver, Moshuho Mobshuho

To create patterns for their highly sought-after custom furniture, the Oak Atrium requires large quantities of alchemically crafted chalk. As they do not employ any alchemists of their own, the Carpenters' Guild must borrow the skills of adventurers who are versed in the alchemical arts to craft this item for them. Any interested in assisting the Atrium should speak with Black Rabbit Traders representative Maisenta Hawke to receive the materials necessary to complete the synthesis.

Objectives and Rewards

Create and deliver the following items:
1Chalk x24Latex x4
35Sable Lacquer x48Silex x12
45Argent Lacquer x60Yellow Ginseng x12
5Linseed Oil x36Minium x12

Issuing Authority

Gridania Adventurers' Guild

Recommended Classes

Alchemist, Rank 1

Levequest Location


Deliver To



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