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Final Fantasy 14 - Leves - Fruits Of A Vintner's Whinings

Fruits Of A Vintner's Whinings

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Fruits Of A Vintner's Whinings

1st Squadron 2nd Levy Infantry, Yellowjacket Sergeant Sylskaetsyn

Recent attacks on the vineyards surrounding the hamlet of Wineport have left local vintners on edge. To better prepare for any further assaults, the Yellowjackets stationed at Camp Bloodshore are searching for an adventurer who will undertake the production and delivery of essential supplies.

Objectives and Rewards

Create and deliver the following items:
15Bronze Gladius Blade x2Copper Ore x6
15Bronze Dagger Blade x3Tin Ore x6
25Iron Dagger Blade x4Limonite x6
35Iron Gladius Blade x5Iron Ore x6

Issuing Authority

Limsa Lominsa Adventurers Guild

Recommended Classes

Blacksmith, Rank 15

Levequest Location

Camp Bloodshore

Deliver To



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