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Final Fantasy 14 - Leves - In Sod We Rust

In Sod We Rust

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In Sod We Rust

Wailing Barracks Master at Arms, Charlemend Redmane

Frequent rains combined with the area's abundant natural aquifers keep the land of Emerald Moss perpetually damp and soggy. While beneficial to the plant life, the water can wreak havoc on the supplies stored in the local Holtwatch camp's tents, causing them to decay often quicker than they can be used. During an inspection of his inventory, Bubunakka, quartermaster at Camp Emerald Moss, discovered a crate of chain sheets used to repair damaged mail was badly rusted, and has petitioned his superiors in Gridania to send a new shipment. The Wood Wailers currently seek skilled armorers to create new sheets of chain and deliver them to Bubunakka.

Objectives and Rewards

Create and deliver the following items:
10Bronze Chain x2Copper Ingot x3
10Bronze Chain x3Bronze Ingot x3
20Iron Chain x4Brass Ingot x3
20Iron Chain x5Iron Ingot x3

Issuing Authority

Gridania Adventurers; Guild

Recommended Classes

Armourer, Rank 10

Levequest Location

Camp Emerald Moss

Deliver To



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