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Final Fantasy 14 - Leves

Final Fantasy 14 Leves


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Name Rank Class (Rank) Location
New Habits 1 Goldsmith Camp Bloodshore
Pleasure And Pain 5 Goldsmith Ul'dah Merchant Strip
The Band's Bands 1 Goldsmith Gridania
A Mother's Booties 1 Leatherworker Camp Bentbranch
Back In The Harness 10 Leatherworker Camp Emerald Moss
Baderon's New Shoes 1 Leatherworker Camp Bearded Rock
Camp Drybone Cares 1 Leatherworker Camp Drybone
Cord And Orders 1 Leatherworker Gridania
Fire And Hide 5 Leatherworker Gridania
Harnessing Help 10 Leatherworker Camp Tranquil
Hungry Like The Wolves 10 Leatherworker Camp Nine Ivies
I Would Walk 500 Malms 1 Leatherworker Camp Horizon
Momodi's Bargain Boots 1 Leatherworker Camp Black Brush
Morbol Measures 10 Leatherworker Camp Crimson Bark
Shoeing The Shore 1 Leatherworker Camp Bloodshore
Showing Some Leg 5 Leatherworker Ul'dah Merchant Strip
Strapped For Straps 1 Leatherworker Gridania
The Mad Tanner 20 Leatherworker Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks
Training And Tanning 10 Leatherworker Camp Bearded Rock
Under Foot 10 Leatherworker Camp Skull Valley
Work Of Friction 5 Leatherworker Camp Bentbranch
World-weary Soles 1 Leatherworker Camp Black Brush
An Officer And A Firing Pin 40 Miner Camp Iron Lake
Assaying Horizon's Edge 20 Miner Camp Horizon
Assaying Humblehearth 30 Miner Humblehearth
Assaying Iron Lake 40 Miner Camp Iron Lake
Bones For The Eye 1 Miner Camp Bentbranch
Corpse Cupid 20 Miner Camp Tranquil
Desperately Seeking Sphenes 20 Miner Camp Horizon
Get To The Copper 1 Miner Camp Black Brush
Heavy Medals 1 Miner Camp Bearded Rock
Jade For The Eye 30 Miner Humblehearth
Make More, Cut Less 20 Miner Camp Bloodshore
Making Muskets Out Of Molehills 10 Miner Camp Skull Valley
Meet The Flint Stones 1 Miner Camp Bearded Rock
Mining Bearded Rock 1 Miner Camp Bearded Rock
Mining Bentbranch 1 Miner Camp Bentbranch
Mining Black Brush 1 Miner Camp Black Brush
Mining Bloodshore 20 Miner Camp Bloodshore
Mining Cedarwood 30 Miner Cedarwood
Mining Drybone 10 Miner Camp Drybone
Mining Emerald Moss 10 Miner Camp Emerald Moss
Mining Halatali 40 Miner Halatali
Mining Nophica's Wells 30 Miner Nophica's Wells
Mining Skull Valley 10 Miner Camp Skull Valley
Mining Tranquil Paths 20 Miner Camp Tranquil
Mining Treespeak 40 Miner Treespeak
Mythril For Merchants 30 Miner Nophica's Wells
Obsidian For The Eye 40 Miner Treespeak
Of Muskets And Men 30 Miner Cedarwood

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