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Spoiled Sheets

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Spoiled Sheets

Wailing Barracks Master at Arms, Charlemend Redmane

Holes in the storage tent at Camp Bentbranch have allowed rainwater to seep into several crates containing spare sheets of chain, rusting their contents to the point that they must be discarded. In addition to a new tarpaulin for the tent, camp quartermaster Ayled has petitioned the Wailing Barracks also send a new crate of chain sheets to replace those lost. In response, the Wailers are offering a sizeable reward to armorers willing to create and deliver the requested items to Bentbranch.

Objectives and Rewards

Create and deliver the following items:
10Bronze Chain x2Copper Ingot x3
10Bronze Chain x3Bronze Ingot x3
20Iron Chain x4Brass Ingot x3
20Iron Chain x5Iron Ingot x3

Issuing Authority

Gridania Adventurers; Guild

Recommended Classes

Armourer, Rank 10

Levequest Location

Camp Bentbranch

Deliver To



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