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Final Fantasy 14 - News - Ask The Developers: Synthesis

Ask the Developers: Synthesis

1st Nov 2010

Q. What happens exactly when the harnessed element of a synthesis attempt becomes unstable?
A. When an element of a synthesis becomes unstable, the following effects take place respectively:

Lightning: Progress greatly reduced
Wind: Durability consumption greatly increased
Fire: Quality greatly reduced
Ice: Progress reduced, chance of aetherial sparks reduced
Earth: Durability consumption increased, chance of aetherial sparks increased
Water: Quality reduced, chance of aetherial sparks increased

Q. What steps can I take to ensure that the element of my synthesis does not become unstable?
A. The element has a chance of becoming unstable whenever any step of the synthesis process ends in failure. It is at its most susceptible when the glowing light representing the craft is colored, and is at its most stable when this light is white. Additionally, the chances of an element becoming unstable increase as a synthesis attempt nears completion. Naturally, the element which becomes unstable is determined by the type of crystal or shard being used.

Q. What do the crafter-related attributes Craftsmanship, Magic Craftsmanhip, and Control each do?
A. Among recipes in the game, there are those for which the rate of progress and chance of success are increased by higher Craftsmanship, and those for which they are determined by Magic Craftsmanship. Control helps to reduce the occurrence of aetherial sparking (see below), and exerts its influence over both types of recipes just mentioned.

All recipes, however, have set attribute requirements. Attempting a recipe with attributes below those required will result in lessened progress and quality, even for successful actions.

Q. There are sparks flying out of my synthesis. What is going on?
A. The phenomenon known as "aetherial sparking" indicates strain on the synthesis materials. When your synthesis emits aetherial sparks, you will suffer the following repercussions:

Reduced chances of success
Increased durability consumption from excessive element destabilization
Increased durability consumption during Touch Up

The results of actions taken during synthesis determine the degree of aetherial sparking. The more dramatic the sparks become, the more dramatic the above repercussions will be. These negative effects are even further enhanced during Rapid Synthesis. Only certain crafter-related abilities serve to curb aetherial sparking. Craft with caution!


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