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Final Fantasy 14 - News - FF14 Director Talks About The Future Of Online Gaming

FF14 Director talks about the future of online gaming

11th Sep 2009

In a recent article from Final Fantasy 14 director Nobuaki Komoto shares his views on the MMO market and how he feels it is much evolved from how it started out. He says:

The way MMOs attract players has dramatically evolved, It's especially noticeable with American and European titles. Games used to favour hardcore players; there were a lot of games made with the philosophy that everything should be hidden and the players can work together to figure it out. It was very unkind. Games these days don't let their players ask 'What am I supposed to do?'. They guide the player along the way - but there are several paths to take, and you're still free to do something else. They're free experiences.



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24th Nov 2010 at 19:44

sadly, ff14 did not stand up to today’s MMO standards. Aside from beautiful graphics and music, the game lacks in every other aspect as an MMO.
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