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Final Fantasy 14 (XIV) Online Revealed

6th Jun 2009

The 3rd June 2009 was a big day for Final Fantasy fans as square made the shock announcement of revealing the 14th incarnation of the massively popular gaming series. Being released on the PS3 and PC, and with rumours about a possible Xbox 360 port, Final Fantasy 14 aims to reach out to all gamers. There is an added twist to this game however, and that is the fact it is an MMORPG. Square Enix revealed it will be set in the world of Eorzea, making it not a Final Fantasy XI sequel.

With beautiful rolling scenery and frankly incredible graphics, couple with the expansive world and in-depth game play we have come to expect from Square Enix, we can expect FF14 to be a enjoyable and absorbing addition to the Final Fantasy franchise.


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