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Final Fantasy 14 GamesCom 09 Update

20th Aug 2009

So GamesCom is upon us. It opened its doors yesterday to the public and a day later there has been some considerable addition to the amount of knowledge that we know about Final Fantasy XIV. So far this is mainly in the form of videos but there has been some new interviews conducted with the development team and thus pages from our Confirmed Details, Jobs / Classes and Battle System pages have been updated accordingly.

Square Enix also gave us a (albeit very slight) little more information regarding beta testing. They aim to roll out their beta testing phase this year, so at it's very worst, you only have 4 months to wait till this phase!

The main points that emerged seem to be the following:

  • Beta testing is being targeted to commence in 2009
  • No zoning - the world will be entirely seamless
  • You cannot change weapons in mid-battle
  • As of now there are no summons - but there may be in the future
  • Negotiations with Microsoft are taking place (but they have been for a while)
  • The game is roughly 50% complete
  • Square Enix are planning an open Beta

So please enjoy our updates whilst we await further information regarding the emerging news during the rest of the week.

Final Fantasy 14 Interviews

GamesCom 2009 Videos

P.S. If you have managed to be a part of GamesCom 2009 we would love to hear from you. Just drop us an email and we'l be in touch.


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