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Final Fantasy 14 - News - Final Fantasy XIV Beta Version Update (Again!)

Final Fantasy XIV Beta Version Update (Again!)

4th Sep 2010

Another update from Square Enix (I bet they do this for fun!)

At the following time, a new update for the FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Version went live.

[Date & Time] Sep. 3, 2010 at 1:00 (PDT)

[Important Update Details] - Now the game client will automatically shutdown in case the software client is not being latest version and you receive an error while making a login attempt from title screen or character creation menu.
If you happen to receive an error message saying 13101 Error occurred while connecting to the lobby server. and the game client shuts down, please restart FINAL FANTASY XIV and log back in after completing the version update.
- An issue where users may not be able to log into the game once the number of connections reaches to a certain number below the intended login limit has been addressed.


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8th Sep 2010 at 22:32

I am having such a big problem doing the updates on my computer. it gets to 83._% and stops. It says its still going but I’ve been trying to get it to finish since 8:30 this morning. it’s now 6:15pm. this is insane!
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