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Final Fantasy 14 - News - FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Version Update (Sep. 7)

FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Version Update (Sep. 7)

7th Sep 2010

  • A issue which prevented players to complete the levequest “Yarz on me” has been addressed.
  • An issue that may prevent animations from displaying properly upon increases in class rank / physical level has been addressed.
  • An issue which prevented players from changing their equipment after being attacked while synthesizing or gathering has been addressed.
  • An issue which caused the text in the chat logs to move up and down has been addressed.
  • The cost of certain items sold by NPCs have been adjusted.
  • The stats for the bone ring have been adjusted.
  • Adjusted the value in which a player would receive the status "second-hand" due to equipment deterioration.
  • The amount of durability restored by the NPCs have been increased.

The display range for the following type of messages have been adjusted.

  • Obtaining experience points and skill points: Only visible to yourself.
  • Obtaining loot: Only visible to you and your party members.


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