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Final Fantasy 14 - News - For Those Of You Waiting For Final Fantasy XBox 360 News

For those of you waiting for Final Fantasy XBox 360 news

23rd Aug 2009

Here is a quote from the Square Enix Final Fantasy 14 development team:

"FFXI for 360; at that point PS2 didn't have a hard disc [and] that was really difficult for us, but Xbox 360 had that from the beginning, so that really helped us. We managed to smoothly move onto 360 from the Windows version, so that was very good to us,"

"However, for FFXIV, because 360 has its own policy with Xbox Live that is different from [the] internet, that's something we're in discussions with Microsoft [about], to come to an agreement. That's one of the reasons it's not going to be launched at that point."


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