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Massive Final Fantasy 14 Update!

9th Aug 2009

Wow, it's been a busy week for Final Fantasy 14 information. After a quiet period of over a month we suddenly get a deluge of information, very valuable information too.

I'll give you a quick summary of what has been updated. Firstly the Confirmed Details page had to be revised to account for new information. The Battle System page contains a bit of new information (apparently battles will in fact be in real time), we learn more about Eorzea in the Introduction and Eorzea pages, giving a history of the world and the names and descriptions of cities within Eorzea respectively.

The best bit of content given to us by Square has to be the Job System information. Termed the 'Armoury' system, we have learnt that equipping different weapons instantly changes your class, meaning you will not be restricted to any one or two classes and can build a very flexible and unique character which knows a variety of skills from many classes. Read the jobs page for more.

The races have also been confirmed, at least the counterparts to the Final Fantasy 11 races anyway, there has been no mention of any new races that may be included in Final Fantasy 14.

Finally we have more media, with images of each city-state in Eorzea as well as more in-game screenshots pulled from the official website.

We've got a couple more bits coming (Guildleves in particular) that are currently being drafted but I hope you enjoy the content that has been updated for you this week.

I wont post links below as there are far too many sections that have been updated, but instead I shall wish you happy browsing!


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