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New Patch

23rd Sep 2010

That didn't take long but a new patch was released for Final Fantasy 14 today,

with the following bug fixes:

  1. An issue wherein objects such as doors could not be displayed properly has been addressed.
  2. An issue where action bars could not be switched under certain conditions has been addressed.
  3. An issue whereby the “Sleep” effect caused by sheep monsters’ “lullaby” would not wear off when supposed to has been addressed.
  4. An issue that caused the remains of Doblyn monsters to persist even after being defeated has been addressed.
  5. An issue where the text “(Your character’s name) was defeated by (your character’s name)” was displayed when defeated by damage over time effects has been addressed.
  6. An error caused when selecting clear while trying to mark an NPC has been addressed.
  7. The time of effect for the crafting ability “Preserve” was incorrect, and has been addressed.
  8. The craft level and necessary crystals for certain fishing hooks were incorrect, and have been fixed.
  9. A measure to prevent servers crashing under certain conditions has been implemented.
  10. Other minor issues have also been addressed.


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