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Final Fantasy 14 - News - Nobou Uematsu Is ONLY Composer For FFXIV

Nobou Uematsu Is ONLY Composer for FFXIV

30th Jun 2009

At a recent Distant Worlds Concert in Maryland Nobou Uematsu made two surprise announcements, one which he said Square Enix allowed him to say, and another he gave to the fans as a little teaser of what is to come.

The first announcement was that he is the only person composing music for Final Fantasy XIV. This is probably a surprise to most people as composing for a game with such large scope is mammoth task. However this move by Square Enix virtually insures that the game will have a very solid and well developed soundtrack, as well as giving fans more assurance in the game by giving it the ‘Uematsu’ brand.

The second snippet of information given is about the Distant Worlds concerts and that they have started to work on FFXIV music for performance purposes, of which more will be announced soon. This is great news for fans, especially if these performances are delivered before the game is released.


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