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Notice any changes?

11th Jan 2011

You may have noticed a certain quiet around lately, well that's because we've been hard at work with version 2 of the website, and as you are reading this now, you are currently browsing the new incarnation, of which I am sure you agree is as massive improvement over the old version. I won't bore you with the usual long rhetoric of why this should be your place of destination for Final Fantasy 14 information, but instead I'll leave you with a list of some of our new features.

  1. Updated content to reflect recently events regarding Final Fantasy 14
  2. Comprehensive database of items, weapons, leves, abilities (currently being added to)
  3. Search function for all content and database items
  4. Dynamic Guildleve countdown
  5. Server Status page
  6. Leave comments on all forms of content, from posts to pages and database entries
  7. ..and more

We hope you enjoy the new site and have fun using our new features.


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