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Final Fantasy 14 - News - Patch 1.15a Outline

Patch 1.15a Outline

27th Jan 2011

Patch 1.15a Outline (01/27/2011)

Several of the scheduled improvements mentioned in last week's letter from the producer are nearing completion. The following is a list of some of the most significant changes:
*An official patch release date will be announced shortly.

*Improvements to Log Usability
**Changes to behavior of windows when moused over
**The implementation of an automated log text show/hide feature
**Revisions to text color

*Improvements to Dialog Windows
**Changes to increase the amount of on-screen data, reducing the need for multiple pages
**Improvements to Combat Damage Display
**The assignment of different font colors to player and enemy damage
**Adjustments to prevent overlapping of combat text

*Improvements to Map Usability
**Increased data refresh rates allowing for more responsive maps
**Improvements to Minimap Usability
**The addition of a PC's field-of-view (camera direction)

*Improvements to Guildleve-Related Information
**The implementation of an in-game command which displays time remaining until the next leve renewal
**Adjustments to Item Stack Sizes
**A significant increase in stack sizes (from 12 to 99) for several existing items

*Improvements to Gathering
**Changes to the frame rates of action animations to speed up gathering activities

*Improvements to the Item Search Feature
**The addition of prices displayed together with search results
**Addition of a Head Gear Display Feature
**The addition of a feature allowing players to graphically toggle on/off their headgear (without physically removing the item)

*Adjustments to Skill Points
**Improvements to skill point acquisition for parties

Further details will be revealed in forthcoming Topics posts, as well as the post planned for release in conjunction with the patch.

As of today, game versions will be assigned alphanumeric values (eg. 1.15a). In addition, what for the past decade have been known to players of online FINAL FANTASY titles as "version updates" shall henceforth be referred to as "patches."


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