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Final Fantasy 14 - News - Regarding Suspension Of Character Creation On Certain World

Regarding Suspension of Character Creation on Certain World

2nd Oct 2010

Character creation on certain Worlds have been suspended temporarily due to congestion in certain areas.

The current situation is as follows:

  • Character creation will be suspended temporarily when the number of characters in a city-state and its peripheral area or the log-in population on a World exceeds a certain amount.
  • The number of Chocobos next to the World name represents the level of congestion.
  • Even if there are a low number of Chocobos, the character creation will be suspended temporarily when the population on that World exceeds a certain amount.
  • The temporary suspension will be lifted when the congestion eases up.
  • Regarding a World with heavy congestion, the suspension will be lifted after a while after congestion eased up.
  • Even if the log-in population is small at the time, the suspension will last for an extended period if the server experiences congestion during a certain time frame.


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