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Unimplemented Class and Game Information

12th Oct 2010

The guys at FFXIVCore have a list of several unimplemented classes and game features that could make it to updates to Final Fantasy 14 in the future which we've added here for your reference.

Source: FFXIVCore

These changes may be future coming or they may have existed in beta but were removed. Anything can change and nothing may exist at all in the future. Most of these are skills but there's some other information.

Also note that for current classes there are numerous higher ranked versions of existing abilities with increased effectiveness. These will not be listed.



- The ability to toggle helmet display.
- The ability to see DoT damage within your chat log.
- Ifrit and Titan are confirmed. Based on how they're placed in the files it looks like there will be more, but that's just speculation.
- It is likely that the cap will be raised to 75.
- Battle Regimens will deal increased damage along with their special effects.

New Classes

- Currently unimplemented: Arcanist, Assassin, Bard, Enforcer, Fencer, Flayer, Musketeer, Mystic, Samurai, Shepherd, and Stavesman. The classes below are likely to be implemented first. They already have guild marks set aside for them and everything. Arcanist seems most likely to be first.

- A Disciple of War.
- Their skill is called "Fencing."
- Skilled at parrying (higher parry chance).
- Their weapon deals Piercing damage.

- A Disciple of War.
- Their skill is called "Club."
- Their weapon deals Blunt damage.

- A Disciple of War.
- Their guild is currently located in Limsa Lominsa.
- Their skill is called "Gunnery."
- Their weapon deals Projectile damage.

- A Disciple of Magic class.
- Their skill is called "Mysticism."
- Their weapon deals various element damage similar to other magic users. Their primary elements are Fire, Wind, and Lightning (identical to Conjurer), which is actually Astral damage.

- A Disciple of Magic that makes use of magic along with mechanics.
- Their guild is currently located in Limsa Lominsa.
- Their magic skill is called "Arcanima."
- Their auto attack is called "Magic Missle", which uses "arcance" magic. Damage type varies with equipped item.
- They can use "Create Distaff" to create Arcane Distaffs and use "Animate Distaff" to animate them, placing them down and activating them. Distaffs are items imbued with power by the arcanist. They can be placed down as traps, arcanima fields, and more. There is a limit number of distaffs that can be placed down per party, and they have a set duration.
- Their actions "Create Distaff" and "Animate Distaff" are similar to "Refill" as Archer or normal attacks as classes. They cost no action points, MP, or TP.
- Their weapon is a combination of a staff and mechanics.

- Their weapon deals various element damage similar to other magic users. Their primary elements are Ice, Earth, and Water (identical to Thaumaturge), which is actually Umbral damage.

- A Disciple of the Land class.
- They use an action called "Herd."

Current Classes

- Unimplemented skills
* Stroke of Time: "Althyk blesses your sword, dealing fourfold slashing damage to the target. Increases attack power for each enfeebling effect on you. Removes enfeebling effects after execution."
* Inferno Edge: "Create a burst of heat and flame, dealing fire damage to nearby targets."
* Master of Arms: "Apply all you have learned, increasing the affinity of your next action by 25, up to a maximum of 100."
* Battle Calm: "Maintain your composure, increasing attack power and ensuring the success of your next attack."

- Unimplemented skills
* Godsbane: "Undo what the gods have done, dealing threefold slashing damage and reducing target's resistance to critical hits. Reduces your maximum HP by 2%."
* Whirlwind: "Whirl your axe fiercely, dealing slashing damage to nearby enemies. Consumes TP to increase attack power when below 50% HP."
* Rampage: "Control the momentum of battle, increasing attack power with each successful attack. Ends when an attack is missed."
* Entrench: "Plant your feet firmly, gaining immunity from knock back effects. Inflicts the user with Heavy."
* Retaliation: "Punish oncoming enemies, increasing the chance to counter frontal attacks."

- Unimplemented skills
* Mindscatter: "Aim for the source of the enemy's voice, dealing projectile damage and reducing magic potency."
* Smite: "Aim for the heart, dealing projectile damage and charming the target. Increases attack when attacking from the front."
* Swarmsting: "Loose a hail of arrows, dealing projectile damage. Requires three nocked arrows."

- Unimplemented skills
* Steal: "Rifle through an enemy's belongings, stealing an item at random. Chance of success increases when stealthed."
* Shoulder Tackle: "Charge at an enemy with devastating force, dealing blunt damage."
* Asuran Fists: "Throw a flurry of traumitizing blows, dealing eightfold blunt damage. Can only be used while in optimal offensive stance."

- Unimplemented skills
* Overrun: "Close in on an enemy, increasing TP and dealing piercing damage. Can only be executed when the target is unaware of your presence."
* Ring of Thorns: "Thrust your polearm in all directions, increasing attack power and dealing piercing damage to nearby targets."
* Onslaught: "Unleash a calculated attack, dealing piercing damage. Amount of TP consumed is dependent on distance to the target."
* Righteousness: "Show an enemy the path to righteousness, dealing piercing damage. Consumes TP to increase attack power."
* Jump: "Leap high into the air, gaining temporary immunity to all attacks."

- Unimplemented skills
* Level 38 Reraise: "Revives target upon being KO'd."
* Level 42 Tractor: "Pulls the body of a KO'd target towards the caster."
- Higher ranked elemental skills (levels could be placeholders):
* Level 54 Fire/Aero/Thunder/Water/Stone/Blizzard III.
* Level 62 Burn/Frost/Choke/Rasp/Shock/Drown III.
* Level 72 Fire/Aero/Thunder/Water/Stone/Blizzard IV.
* Level 80 Flare/Freeze/Tornado/Quake/Burst/Flood II.

- Many more two handed weapons are planned to be implemented.
- Unimplemented skills
* Aspir: replaced with Siphon MP, same description/icon/effect.
* Level 32 Mass Fear: "Causes enemies within area of effect to flee in terror."
* Absorb TP: "Transfers a portion of the target's TP to you."
* Level 38 Soul Ward: "Allows target to to instantaneously revive upon being KO'd."
* Onus of Might: "Turn an enemy's strengths to your advantage, reducing the target's attack power and defense for each enhancing effect it has."


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