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Final Fantasy 14 - News - Version Update September 27

Version Update September 27

27th Sep 2010

Version Update - September 27

An issue wherein during Guildleve and Behest, a large amount of skill points can be obtained by casting enhancing or healing magic to the party member has been addressed.

Regarding a Skill Point Gain Issue

We have confirmed an issue where players may obtain large amount of skill points by casting enhancing or healing magic to the party member. The issue is currently being addressed.

Also we would like to remind that repeating this method intentionally is considered as fraudulent behavior. With players who have abused this method, an additional investigation shall be made and their account may receive penalty including account suspension in case we determine it to be malignant. The investigation is expected to take a while until the completion. For those of you who have happened to abuse this method without knowing it to be fraudulent, please report yourself through GM Call. By reporting yourself in, the amount of skill point and skill rank you have gained will be corrected by GM and the penalty to your account will be exempted.

For details on account penalty and prohibited activities, please refer to the following pages.

  1. Account Penalty Policy
  2. Prohibited Activities in Final Fantasy XIV

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


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