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Name Zone Aggressive Role
A'brohka Unknown No NPC
A'naidjaa Gridania No Quest Character
A'nimuili Gridania No NPC
A'shakkal Limsa Lominsa No Linkshell Distributer
Abylgo Hamylgo Ul'dah No NPC
Adeldreda Thanalan No NPC
Adelphel Unknown Unknown NPC
Aentfoet Limsa Lominsa No NPC
Aerstsyn Gridania No NPC
Ahldiyrn Gridania No Vendor
Ahldoen La Noscea No NPC
Ahldskyf Limsa Lominsa No NPC
Ahldwaen The Black Shroud No NPC
Ahriman La Noscea Yes Monster
Ahriman Thanalan Yes Monster
Ahtund Unknown Unknown NPC
Aimiliens La Noscea No NPC
Aistrach Thanalan No NPC
Ajattara Unknown Yes Monster
Ala Mhigan Challenger Unknown Unknown NPC
Alaire Gridania No NPC
Aldgoat Billy La Noscea Unknown NPC
Aldgoat Billy Thanalan Unknown NPC
Aldgoat Nanny La Noscea No Monster
Aldgoat Nanny Thanalan No Monster
Alixe Gridania No NPC
Allenaure Ul'dah No Vendor
Almxio Ul'dah No NPC
Alpha Coywolf Unknown Unknown Monster
Amalj'aa Unknown Unknown Monster
Amalj'aa Bowyer Unknown Unknown Monster
Amalj'aa Brawler Unknown Unknown Monster
Amalj'aa Drubber Unknown Unknown Monster
Amalj'aa Grappler Thanalan Yes Monster
Amalj'aa Inculator Thanalan Yes Monster
Amalj'aa Lancer Unknown Unknown Monster
Amalj'aa Pugilist Thanalan Yes Monster
Amalj'aa Transfisticator Thanalan Yes Monster
Amalj'aa Warrior Thanalan Yes Monster
Amateur Footpad Thanalan Yes Monster
Amateur Highwayman Thanalan Yes Monster
Amateur Raider Thanalan Yes Monster
Amiable Adventurer Gridania No NPC
Anemone La Noscea Yes Monster
Anemone Mistbeard Cove Yes Monster
Anemone The Black Shroud Yes Monster
Anene Gridania No NPC
Angler Unknown Unknown NPC
Ankle Biter The Black Shroud Yes Monster
Anole The Black Shroud Yes Monster

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