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Name Zone Aggressive Role
Overcompetitive Adventurer Ul'dah No NPC
Overtired Miner Unknown No NPC
Overweening Thaumaturge Thanalan No Quest Character
Overweening Thaumaturge Ul'dah No Quest Character
Overweening Woman Limsa Lominsa No NPC
Owyne Gridania No NPC
P'ndolobo Limsa Lominsa No Vendor
P'sonjha Ul'dah No Vendor
P'tahjha Ul'dah No Vendor
Pack Rat La Noscea No Monster
Paige Unknown No NPC
Painted Ladybug Unknown No Monster
Palemoon Parazuzu La Noscea Unknown Monster
Pamisolaux Ul'dah No Vendor
Pannixia Peasants Ward No Monster
Papala Thanalan No NPC
Papalymo Gridania No Quest Character
Papalymo The Black Shroud No Quest Character
Papawa Ul'dah No NPC
Pasty-faced Adventurer Limsa Lominsa No NPC
Patrick Coerthas Unknown NPC
Paul Unknown No NPC
Pearly-toothed Porter Limsa Lominsa No NPC
Peiste Unknown No Monster
Pelderain The Black Shroud No NPC
Peneli Zuneli Ul'dah No NPC
Penelope Gridania Unknown NPC
Pepeli The Black Shroud No NPC
Percevains Unknown No NPC
Pfefbhrat Unknown Unknown NPC
Pfynhaemr Limsa Lominsa No NPC
Phaia The Black Shroud Yes Monster
Phantasma The Black Shroud Yes Monster
Pharosfly Unknown Unknown Monster
Phurble Thanalan No Monster
Phurble The Black Shroud No Monster
Pierriquet Ul'dah No NPC
Piers Gridania No NPC
Pimelle Ul'dah No Vendor
Piralnaut Limsa Lominsa No Vendor

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