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Name Zone Aggressive Role
Bloodthirsty Wolf Unknown Unknown Monster
Bloody Revenant La Noscea Unknown Monster
Blotched Mongrel Unknown No Monster
Blue Dewflower Sylph Unknown Unknown Monster
Boar Unknown Unknown Monster
Boar Poacher The Black Shroud Yes Monster
Bodenolf Limsa Lominsa No NPC
Bog Yarzon Unknown No Monster
Bogy Thanalan No Monster
Bomb Cassiopeia Hollow Unknown Monster
Bouchard Ul'dah No NPC
Bounding Wave Unknown Unknown NPC
Boyle Unknown No NPC
Braitognieux Limsa Lominsa No Repair NPC
Branded Drake Unknown Unknown Monster
Brazen-faced Broker Unknown Unknown NPC
Brictt Unknown Unknown NPC
Brimstone Bomb Unknown Unknown Monster
Brine Bogy La Noscea Yes Monster
Broenfohc Limsa Lominsa Unknown Vendor
Broken Water Battlewarden Unknown No NPC
Brunadier La Noscea No NPC
Brutal Karakul Ram Unknown Yes Monster
Bubudoga Coerthas No NPC
Bubuku Gridania No NPC
Bubunakka The Black Shroud No NPC
Bubusha Unknown No NPC
Bumble Beetle La Noscea No Monster
Bumble Beetle Thanalan No Monster
Burchard Gridania No Quest Character
Butcher Basilisk Unknown Unknown Monster
Buzzard La Noscea Yes Monster
Buzzard Thanalan Yes Monster
Buzzard The Black Shroud Yes Monster
Buzzing Djigga Unknown Unknown Monster
C'rhabye Ul'dah No NPC
Cactuar Unknown No Monster
Cadaverous Cockatrice Unknown Unknown Monster
Cahernaut Ul'dah No NPC
Canopy Galago The Black Shroud No Monster
Caplan Gridania No NPC
Carrier Ladybug Unknown Unknown Monster
Carrilaut Limsa Lominsa No NPC
Carrion Chigoe La Noscea Yes Monster
Carrion Chigoe Thanalan Yes Monster
Carrion Chigoe The Black Shroud Yes Monster
Carvallain Unknown Unknown NPC
Caspar Thanalan No NPC
Cassandra Gridania No Guild Mark Vendor
Cassiopeia Unknown No Monster

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