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Name Zone Aggressive Role
Comoere The Black Shroud No NPC
Conayn Gridania No Vendor
Concessa Gridania No NPC
Condor Coerthas Unknown Monster
Conphas Unknown Unknown NPC
Copper Coblyn Thanalan No Monster
Corguevais Unknown No NPC
Cornell Gridania No NPC
Corroded Coblyn Unknown Unknown Monster
Coynach Ul'dah No Guild Mark Vendor
Crab Unknown Unknown Monster
Crapulous Adventurer Limsa Lominsa No NPC
Creeping Ivy The Black Shroud Yes Quest Character
Croft Kalong Unknown Unknown Monster
Cultivated Tender Limsa Lominsa No NPC
Curious Galago The Black Shroud No Monster
D'arimbeh Unknown No NPC
Dadai Unknown No NPC
Dadalo Gridania No NPC
Dalmas Unknown No NPC
Damielliot Unknown No NPC
Dapper Dan Ul'dah No NPC
Darkeye Devilet Unknown Unknown Monster
Darkwing Devilet Nanawa Mines Yes Monster
Dawson Unknown No NPC
Daxia Unknown No Monster
Deadeyes The Black Shroud Unknown Monster
Deadly Dormouse Unknown Unknown Monster
Death-marked Billygoat Thanalan Unknown Monster
Deathstroke Assassin Thanalan Yes Monster
Deaustie Ul'dah No NPC
Debauched Demoness Unknown No NPC
Debonair Pirate Limsa Lominsa No NPC
Decima Gridania No NPC
Dedela Unknown Unknown NPC
Deep-breathing Drifter Unknown No NPC
Deepground Puk Nanawa Mines Unknown Monster
Delta Crab Unknown Unknown Monster
Desert Peiste Thanalan Yes Monster
Desert Rose Unknown Unknown Monster
Deserted Daughter Gridania No NPC
Devilet Unknown Unknown Monster
Dew Hare The Black Shroud Yes Monster
Dhemdaeg Gridania No NPC
Diaphanous Doblyn Unknown Unknown Monster
Didiwai La Noscea No NPC
Diego Athral Unknown No NPC
Diluxio Peasants Ward No NPC
Diluxio Ul'dah No NPC
Dire Dormouse The Black Shroud Unknown Monster

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