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Name Zone Aggressive Role
Dylise Ul'dah No NPC
Dympna Limsa Lominsa No NPC
Dyrstbrod Gridania No NPC
E'dasshym Gridania No NPC
E'ptolmi La Noscea No NPC
E'whalon Unknown No NPC
E-Sumi-Yan Gridania No Quest Character
Eadbert The Black Shroud No NPC
Earth Elemental La Noscea Yes Monster
Earth Elemental The Black Shroud Yes Monster
Easygoing Adventurer Unknown No NPC
Eburhart Gridania No NPC
Eft Unknown Yes Monster
Eft Poacher The MunTuy Cellars Yes Monster
Elde Coerthas No NPC
Elder Goobbue La Noscea Yes Monster
Elder Mosshorn Thanalan Yes Monster
Eldid Gridania No NPC
Elecotte Ul'dah No NPC
Elemental Unknown Unknown Monster
Elgiva Ul'dah No Vendor
Elviane Unknown No NPC
Elyn Gridania No NPC
Embittered Archer Gridania No NPC
Emerald Bee Swarm The Black Shroud Yes Monster
Emerald Moss Battlewarden The Black Shroud No NPC
Emerald Salamander Unknown Yes Monster
Emerick Unknown No NPC
Emerissel Coerthas No NPC
Emoni Gridania No Linkshell Distributer
Emperor Apkallu La Noscea Yes Monster
Enigmatic Conjurer Gridania No NPC
Enraged Nannygoat Thanalan Unknown Monster
Enraptured Traveler Limsa Lominsa No NPC
Enthusiastic Archer Gridania No NPC
Eormengild Ul'dah No Vendor
Eosilie Limsa Lominsa No Vendor
Erasmus Unknown Unknown NPC
Errant Soul Thanalan Yes Monster
Errant Spirt The Black Shroud Yes Monster
Escaped Goobbue Ul'dah Yes Monster
Esmond Unknown Unknown NPC
Esperaunce Unknown No NPC
Estrilda Limsa Lominsa No NPC
Ethelinda The Black Shroud Unknown NPC
Eugenaire Gridania No NPC
Eugennoix Limsa Lominsa No NPC
Eustace Ul'dah No Local Levequest Dealer
Evenfall Firefly The Black Shroud No Monster
Evil Eye Mor Dhona Yes Monster

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