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Name Rank Class Slot
Darksilver Head Knife 42 Leatherworker Primary
Iron Chocobotail Saw 42 Carpenter Primary
Iron Dolabra 42 Miner Primary
Iron Ornamental Hammer 42 Goldsmith Primary
Plumed Iron Hatchet 42 Botanist Primary
Silver Alembic 42 Alchemist Primary
Thousand Needle 42 Weaver Primary
Wrapped Crowsbeak Hammer 42 Blacksmith Primary
Wrapped Iron Raising Hammer 42 Armourer Primary
Yew Fishing Rod 42 Fisher Primary
Heavy Crowsbeak Hammer 47 Blacksmith Primary
Heavy-duty Iron Raising Hammer 47 Armourer Primary
Horn Fishing Rod 47 Fisher Primary
Mythril Culinary Knife 47 Culinarian Secondary
Mythril Sledgehammer 47 Miner Secondary
Oak Spinning Wheel 47 Weaver Secondary
Steel Chaser Hammer 47 Goldsmith Primary
Steel Claw Hammer 47 Carpenter Secondary
Steel Round Knife 47 Leatherworker Primary
Steel Scythe 47 Botanist Secondary
Thermal Alembic 47 Alchemist Primary

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