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Final Fantasy 14 - Videos and Trailers - E3 2009 Trailer

E3 2009 Trailer

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The trailer below was released along with the announcement of Final Fantasy 14. It combines in-game footage and pre-rendered CGI to deliver a compelling and intriguing insight into the upcoming game. Containing incredible looking graphics and featuring an overview of the rich world of Eorzea, it will only leaving viewers wanting more.

The trailer contains a few elements that you might have already noticed to be familiar. Firstly we can see a Galka and a Mithra (minus tail) from Final Fantasy 11. It has been confirmed that classes from FF11 will be in FF14 so we can presume these to be accurate appearances.

Below you can stream a version of the video, or download them to your desktop for viewing at your pleasure. For images from this trailer, visit the E3 2009 Trailer Images page

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