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Final Fantasy 14 - Videos and Trailers - GamesCom 2009 Videos

GamesCom 2009 Videos

GamesCom 09 allowed us the opportunity to see Final Fantasy 14 being played in real life by real human players. This allowed us great insight into the game and what to expect. However it is important to add that the version of the game being displayed is in the Alpha stage of it's development process and therefore is not an entirely accurate depiction of what to expect from the game. Also, as you will notice, there are quite a few graphic glitches during the gameplay below, also emphasizing the early stage the game is in.

Below is a comprehensive collection of all the videos released from GamesCom 09. Feel free to enjoy and download these videos at your leisure.

Note: Direct downloading has been removed from this page as there seems to be an error. We will look into this and try to get them back as soon as possible. In the mean time please enjoy streaming these videos.

  1. Gameplay Videos
  2. Character Videos
  3. World Videos
  4. Tanaka Playing FF14
  5. Tanaka and Sundi Interviews

GamesCom 09 Gameplay Videos

GamesCom 09 Character Videos

GamesCom 09 World Videos

GamesCom 09 Tanaka Playing FF14

Tanaka and Sundi Interviews


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