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Name Rank Class Slot
Exorcism Bean 1 All Throwing Weapon
Lugworm 1 Fisher Pack
Moth Pupa 1 Fisher Pack
Smoothed Stone 1 All Throwing Weapon
Steel Chakram 1 Pugilist Throwing Weapon
Warped Arrow 1 Archer Pack
Weathered Cane 1 Conjurer Two-Handed Weapon
Weathered Gladius 1 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Weathered Hora 1 Pugilist Two-Handed Weapon
Weathered Scepter 1 Thaumaturge One-Handed Weapon
Weathered Shortbow 1 Archer Bow
Weathered Spear 1 Lancer Two-Handed Weapon
Weathered War Axe 1 Marauder Two-Handed Weapon
Bloodworm 2 Fisher Pack
Bronze Arrow 3 Archer Pack
Crayfish Ball 3 Fisher Pack
Bone Staff 5 Thaumaturge Two-Handed Weapon
Ash Cane 6 Conjurer Two-Handed Weapon
Bone Hora 6 Pugilist Two-Handed Weapon
Bronze Gladius 6 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Bronze Spear 6 Lancer Two-Handed Weapon
Bronze War Axe 6 Marauder Two-Handed Weapon
Copper Scepter 6 Thaumaturge One-Handed Weapon
Midge Basket 6 Fisher Pack
Willow Shortbow 6 Archer Bow
Chocobo Fly 7 Fisher Pack
Flint Arrow 7 Archer Pack
Maple Wand 7 Conjurer One-Handed Weapon
Rat Tail 7 Fisher Pack
Maple Longbow 8 Archer Bow
Pill Bug 8 Fisher Pack
Bronze Dagger 9 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Fang Arrow 9 Archer Pack
Harpoon 9 Lancer Two-Handed Weapon
Leather Himantes 9 Pugilist Two-Handed Weapon
Bronze Labrys 10 Marauder Two-Handed Weapon
Bronze Spatha 11 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Decorated Copper Scepter 11 Thaumaturge One-Handed Weapon
Elm Cane 11 Conjurer Two-Handed Weapon
Elm Shortbow 11 Archer Bow
Goby Ball 11 Fisher Pack
Bronze Chakram 12 Pugilist Throwing Weapon
Bronze Francisca 12 Marauder Throwing Weapon
Bronze Javelin 12 Lancer Throwing Weapon
Bronze Throwing Dagger 12 Gladiator Throwing Weapon
Budding Maple Wand 12 Conjurer One-Handed Weapon
Floating Minnow 12 Fisher Pack
Bronze Knuckles 13 Pugilist Two-Handed Weapon
Bronze Swallowtail Arrow 13 Archer Pack
Crow Fly 13 Fisher Pack

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