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Name Rank Class Slot
Syrphid Basket 13 Fisher Pack
Blinding Dagger 14 Goldsmith One-Handed Weapon
Cavalry Bow 14 Archer Bow
Feathered Harpoon 14 Lancer Two-Handed Weapon
Silencing Dagger 14 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Decorated Bone Staff 15 Thaumaturge Two-Handed Weapon
Brass Gladius 16 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Brass Spear 16 Lancer Two-Handed Weapon
Brass Cudgel 17 Thaumaturge One-Handed Weapon
Maple Wand Of Flames 17 Conjurer One-Handed Weapon
Maple Wand Of Frost 17 Conjurer One-Handed Weapon
Maple Wand Of Gales 17 Conjurer One-Handed Weapon
Maple Wand Of Storms 17 Conjurer One-Handed Weapon
Maple Wand Of Tides 17 Conjurer One-Handed Weapon
Maple Wand Of Tremors 17 Conjurer One-Handed Weapon
Obsidian Arrow 17 Archer Pack
Crab Ball 18 Fisher Pack
Pine Crook 18 Conjurer Two-Handed Weapon
Wrapped Maple Longbow 18 Archer Bow
Brass Dagger 19 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Dodoskin Cesti 19 Pugilist Two-Handed Weapon
Spiked Bronze Labrys 20 Marauder Two-Handed Weapon
Blunt Goblin Dagger 21 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Pastoral Elm Cane 21 Conjurer Two-Handed Weapon
Plumed Willow Shortbow 21 Archer Bow
Silver Scepter 21 Thaumaturge One-Handed Weapon
Snurble Fly 21 Fisher Pack
Storm Axe 21 Marauder Two-Handed Weapon
Brass Francisca 22 Marauder Throwing Weapon
Brass Javelin 22 Lancer Throwing Weapon
Willow Composite Bow 22 Archer Bow
Willow Wand 22 Conjurer One-Handed Weapon
Brand 23 Thaumaturge One-Handed Weapon
Brass Knuckles 23 Pugilist Two-Handed Weapon
Iron Arrow 23 Archer Pack
Plumed Pine Crook 23 Conjurer Two-Handed Weapon
Spoon Lure 23 Fisher Pack
Ironclad Cavalry Bow 24 Archer Two-Handed Weapon
Paralyzing Dagger 24 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Sleeping Dagger 24 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Ash Macuahuitl 25 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Crimson Tide 25 All Two-Handed Weapon
Horn Staff 25 Thaumaturge Two-Handed Weapon
Howling Talons 25 All Two-Handed Weapon
Levinstone 25 All Throwing Weapon
Mahogany Radical 25 Conjurer Two-Handed Weapon
Bass Ball 26 Fisher Pack
Iron Gladius 26 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Iron Spear 26 Lancer Two-Handed Weapon
Iron War Axe 26 Marauder Two-Handed Weapon

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