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Name Rank Class Slot
Tortoiseshell Hora 26 Pugilist Two-Handed Weapon
Blunt Goblin Scimitar 27 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Bronze Azagai 27 Lancer Throwing Weapon
Budding Willow Wand 27 Conjurer One-Handed Weapon
Cage Feeder 27 Fisher Pack
Iron Throwing Dagger 27 Gladiator Throwing Weapon
Shell Arrow 27 Archer Pack
Ash Longbow 28 Archer Bow
Iron Lance 28 Lancer Two-Handed Weapon
Iron Swallowtail Arrow 28 Archer Pack
Blunt Goblin Gladius 29 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Toadskin Cesti 29 Pugilist Two-Handed Weapon
Tortoiseshell Harpoon 29 Carpenter Two-Handed Weapon
Blunt Goblin Longsword 30 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Elmlord's Tusk 30 All Two-Handed Weapon
Frostbite 30 All One-Handed Weapon
Iron Labrys 30 Marauder Two-Handed Weapon
Kple Kple 30 All Bow
Taurus Staff 30 All Bow
Decorated Silver Scepter 31 Thaumaturge One-Handed Weapon
Elm Velocity Bow 31 Archer Bow
Goblin Dagger 31 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Iron Spatha 31 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Oak Cane 31 Conjurer Two-Handed Weapon
Bow Of Owls 32 All Bow
Iron Chakram 32 Pugilist Throwing Weapon
Iron Francisca 32 Marauder Throwing Weapon
Iron Guisarme 32 Lancer Two-Handed Weapon
Iron Javelin 32 Lancer Throwing Weapon
Weevil Bow 32 Archer Bow
Wildfowl Fly 32 Fisher Pack
Willow Wand Of Flames 32 Conjurer One-Handed Weapon
Willow Wand Of Frost 32 Conjurer One-Handed Weapon
Willow Wand Of Gales 32 Conjurer One-Handed Weapon
Willow Wand Of Storms 32 Conjurer One-Handed Weapon
Willow Wand Of Tides 32 Conjurer One-Handed Weapon
Willow Wand Of Tremors 32 Conjurer One-Handed Weapon
Silver Arrow 33 Archer Pack
Spiked Knuckles 33 Pugilist Two-Handed Weapon
Armored Cavalry Bow 34 Archer Bow
Damaged Cudgel 34 Thaumaturge One-Handed Weapon
Maddening Dagger 34 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Poison Dagger 34 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Sinking Minnow 34 Fisher Pack
Anathema 35 All One-Handed Weapon
Bloodcry 35 All Two-Handed Weapon
Boar's Bane 35 All Two-Handed Weapon
Decorated Horn Staff 35 Thaumaturge Two-Handed Weapon
Elm Macuahuitl 35 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Fists Of The Sixth Sun 35 All Two-Handed Weapon

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