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Name Rank Class Slot
Flambeau Radical 35 Conjurer Two-Handed Weapon
Flametongue 35 All One-Handed Weapon
Kokoroon's Nestpicker 35 All Bow
Spiked Iron Labrys 35 Marauder Two-Handed Weapon
Battle Fork 36 Lancer Two-Handed Weapon
Bee Spatha 36 Goldsmith One-Handed Weapon
Inferno Axe 36 Marauder Two-Handed Weapon
Crooked Guisarme 37 Lancer Two-Handed Weapon
Goblin Scimitar 37 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Herring Ball 37 Fisher Pack
Iron Cudgel 37 Thaumaturge One-Handed Weapon
Notched Bill 37 Marauder Two-Handed Weapon
Silver Throwing Dagger 37 Gladiator Throwing Weapon
Walnut Wand 37 Conjurer One-Handed Weapon
White Coral Arrow 37 Archer Pack
Firepot 38 All Throwing Weapon
Heavy Iron Lance 38 Lancer Two-Handed Weapon
Iron Bhuj 38 Marauder Two-Handed Weapon
Iron Falchion 38 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Sprouting Radical 38 Conjurer Two-Handed Weapon
Vulture Fly 38 Fisher Pack
Wrapped Ash Longbow 38 Archer Bow
Yew Crook 38 Conjurer Two-Handed Weapon
Boarskin Himantes 39 Pugilist Two-Handed Weapon
Goblin Gladius 39 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Iron Dagger 39 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Yarzonshell Harpoon 39 Lancer Two-Handed Weapon
Blunt Aeolian Scimitar 40 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Bomb Arm 40 All Throwing Weapon
Goblin Longsword 40 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Oak Macuahuitl 40 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Ornate Silver Scepter 41 Thaumaturge One-Handed Weapon
Pastoral Oak Cane 41 Conjurer Two-Handed Weapon
Blue Coral Arrow 42 Archer Pack
Bronze Bardiche 42 Marauder Two-Handed Weapon
Budding Walnut Wand 42 Conjurer One-Handed Weapon
Iron Baghnakhs 42 Pugilist Two-Handed Weapon
Iron Bill 42 Marauder Two-Handed Weapon
Iron Shortsword 42 Gladiator One-Handed Weapon
Jarl's Guisarme 42 Lancer Two-Handed Weapon
Oak Composite Bow 42 Archer Bow
Silver Chakram 42 Pugilist Throwing Weapon
Silver Francisca 42 Marauder Throwing Weapon
Silver Javelin 42 Lancer Throwing Weapon
Earth Brand 43 Thaumaturge One-Handed Weapon
Fire Brand 43 Thaumaturge One-Handed Weapon
Ice Brand 43 Thaumaturge One-Handed Weapon
Lightning Brand 43 Thaumaturge One-Handed Weapon
Plumed Yew Crook 43 Conjurer Two-Handed Weapon
Water Brand 43 Thaumaturge One-Handed Weapon

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